How to make money from the bestForex strategy(sure win)


this is how to get advantage from two site  

step 1

join  "site A" and put your money 100 $ in EUR/USD  price 1.3635  with dose not touch option  - current price 1.3572 - and it can go up or dawn 

step 2 

join "site B" and put your money 50$ in the best forex platform and -buy- EUR/USD current price 1.3572 and waitting alert 

if the price go up to EUR/USD 1.3635 close your trade 30% profit and buy again with all "money + profit "close it when get 30% profit so you get your money back with profit and if the price go down without touch level EUR/USD1.3572 close your bet in "site  A" with your profit so you win all the time in both way up or down 

step 3

be carefully you must make all steps in the same time and date to won your money easily p.s you get bonus every time you deposit in site B  

sign up site A "click banner "

 sign up site B "click banner"


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